Is ordering/shipping discreet?
Yes! Every package is shipped discreetly within 3 business days.
How does DonkeyMale work?
What about people that don't have problems obtaining or maintaining an erection? How can DonkeyMale help these people?
There are tons of male enhancement products on the market. Why should i choose DonkeyMale over another brand?
What if I'm drinking and opportunity comes knocking? Can i take DonkeyMale with alcohol?
Does DonkeyMale come with a guarantee?
What is DonkeyMale?
How different is it from other products such as Viagra and Cialis?
Are there any side effects?
I am currently on a prescription heart medication, can i use DonkeyMale?
Does DonkeyMale have sildenafil citrate in it like Viagra?
What if I am having prostate issues?
How many tablets should I take?
How are you able to commit DonkeyMale will work?
Is DonkeyMale covered by insurance?
Is ED a normal part of aging?
Why take supplements instead of drugs?
Nutritional supplements typically take a more natural approach it’s more gradual, gentle and safer. It’s 100% natural. The focus with supplements is on the optimization of health and wellness rather than chemical ingestion from prescription medication.
Do I require a prescription?
How fast does it work?
How does it work?
Will it work for me?
Who should not take DonkeyMale?
What if I have Diabetes?
What if I am taking other products including Viagra?
I only have the problem now and then. Will DonkeyMale still help?
Can women take DonkeyMale?
Is it safe to take more than the required dosage?
What if I am obese?
What if I use alcohol or smoke cigarettes?
How secure is ordering online?
I do not have a Credit Card and wish to purchase, what do I do?

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