Team Donkey


Dick, President & CEO

Although he was born in Oatman Arizona, he has spent much of his adult life in the Midwest. Dick hails from places like: French Lick, Indiana; Climax, Michigan; and of course, Intercourse, Pennsylvania. Dick has an amazing mechanical mind and prefers working with his hands. Following his original passion, Dick was an airplane mechanic, but that wasn’t enough. Now Dick owns 2 auto repair shops, but spends most of his time trying to develop strategies of enhancing male performance for every last man on the planet.

In his little spare time, Dick loves adventure and travel. He has recently been spotted log rolling in Canada; snowboarding in Colorado; working out on muscle beach, California and being King of the Parades for Mardi Gras in New Orleans La. He has also been known to help out occasionally in the pit crews of Nascar races, and make celebrity appearances for charity events when needed.

Dick tends to be viewed a little bit on the curiously sophisticated side of things. This helps his latest venture working with DTD Products LLC- striving to save relationships, one at a time! He loves the normal things of life and is humbled to give a hand when he can. Dick stays away from drama and creamed corn. His motto, going forward for all the guys out there is “Don`t be an ass, be a DICK!!”

The Company

DTD Products LLC was established in May, 2012. Its flagship product, Ultra Donkey Male Performance, is a 100% all-natural, premium blend of the highest quality extracts which are commonly reputed to increase sex drive and stamina, intensify orgasms and to enhance the experience of lasting longer in bed. We have sought only the highest quality ingredients, and have spared no expense in manufacturing this product so that we could ensure it meets our high standards and expectations of being a top quality product.

Donny “Dizzy” Glaeser: Founder, President and CEO

E-mail: dizzy@donkeymale.com

President and CEO of DTD Products Donny has a healthy private “no fly zone” 10 acre property that google earth has blurred where Donkey Dick is allowed to roam and stud. On occasion media crews are allowed on the property for interviews where Donny provides drinks and Hors d’oeuvre. 2012 also was a monumental year that Donny received his Limo driver’s license and since then has been Dicks “main man” and “go to guy” for any required “hay” for Donkey Dick and the ladies (if you catch my drift). Pony Up Girls – the Donkey is here!

Lane: Payments & Product Sherpa

E-mail: lane@donkeymale.com

Donkey would not be Donkey if it were not for the hard work of Lane whose knowledge and dedication has lubed up the internet so well that all of the products you have chosen can be purchased – then slides through all the hoops finally inserting them into your home box for pickup without hassle. Why does Lane take such pleasure in getting DonkeyMale products to all the males around the world who want to stay hard? She answers, “You’re joking right?”

Robert Warren “TheLegacy”: Chief Program Director

E-mail: warren@donkeymale.com

Robert Warren was chosen as Donkey Dick’s fashion advisor and long-time “wing man” at the clubs. Homegrown in Canada, Robert mediates Donkey Dick’s paternity suits as well as “bait and switch” Dick’s body double for the paparazzi. Robert also has a unique apologetic Canadian back-bacon style and eloquence that is key in maintaining Donkey Dick’s sanity as he also manages each morning the removal of groupie’s from the grotto

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